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Richard Robinson
Choose from over 40 of my easy video painting lessons for oils and acrylics.
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Happy Painting!
Richard Robinson
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Want to learn how to paint better?

A big part of what I teach in the painting lessons is really about seeing. You'll learn how to see like an artist, which is very different from how most people look at the world. An artist sees by observing relationships - the relationships of color, value, shape and texture. Once you know how to see these relationships more clearly your painting will literally jump ahead from where it is now.

Seeing like an artist isn't nearly enough though - I also teach you the practical painting techniques you'll need, from the painting basics to the more advanced painting techniques, normally only found after many years at the easel.

Anyone can paint - Da Vinci's first paintings were childish too! The ONLY special thing you need is the desire to paint.

You'll find here a range of video painting lessons suited for beginner AND advanced painters ranging from painting beaches and skies, to waterfalls, lakes and mountains, light and atmosphere, still life, color and more - I'm always working on new lessons. You'll also see a number of great free painting lessons on this site - some mine and some from other artists around the world.

I've been a professional artist since 2001 and have taught drawing and painting for many years. I'm self taught, which I think is the best way to achieve a really well balanced painting education which suits you. I simply found artists whose style I liked and learned all about how they do what they do - I encourage you to do the same. View my painting website here to see if you like my style

If you have any question just contact me.

Happy Painting

Richard Robinson

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Get the Full Painting Lesson

Painting Workshop 18
'Waipu Cove' : Loosening Up

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    Painting lessons learned from my recent sojourn in the Tropics.
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    Learn more about painting Point Lobos

    Point Lobos, California.

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    Student Comments

    "For those of you learning to paint, and don't want to shell out 1000's, this is the guy. In each of his videos, there are tons of information. Richard focuses on the Impressionistic style, but the applications of his lessons carry on to any form of painting. I am a professional artist, and every time I watch one of his videos I find something new. I've been told that I was a good teacher but Richard is awesome. Thank You Richard, Randy, USA."

    You are the best art teacher I have ever seen in the past 25 years... I have read hundreds of books but I have to say you have come up with the right approach and the right technique..."
    Giacomo, UK.

    "Thank you Richard.
    I consider myself a very good artist and art teacher and truly,
    I think you are outstanding. It is so impressive how you teach and how well you manage your internet creative business too. Great communications and you continue to earn the right to our business. You have won me over in spades. Sincerely, Gary Smith, USA."

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