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Free Painting eBook

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What does an artist learn from
80 days in the Tropics?
In August 2012 New Zealand artist Richard Robinson
moved to Hawai'i for 3 months with his Wife and two
children. The goal was threefold - escape the winter,
have a family adventure and paint with lots of local artists.

This book is a painter's diary - a collection of thoughts,
realisations, notes, techniques and even an epiphany or
two, written to inspire and enlighten any landscape
painter or art lover with a thirst for tropical adventure and
practical painting know-how.

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Yes it is free. No, there are no strings attached. Just click
the button, enter your details and download it. What do I
do with your details? Nothing. I just like to know how
many people have my book. It's yours to keep and share
with friends. Aloha!
Want the real book for your coffee table?
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Paperback 8.5" x 8.5" x 50 pages.
Ships in 3-5 business days.
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Printed Book: $29.50
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Get the Hawaii 2013 Calendar as well!
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12 Pages 11" x 8.5".
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Calendar: $19.95
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The Hawaii Workshop DVD
dvd cover
Demo paintings from Workshop1 DVD
Painting Workshops 4
4 Landscape Projects from Photographs
Join Richard with hundreds of his international students for 4
Complete Painting Workshops
. Complete each painting challenge
and learn from the struggles of others as Richard fully critiques
several paintings similar to yours and then paints a complete
demonstration piece step by step. This is a uniquely powerful
learning experience based on comparison and solving common
painters problems with simple and effective solutions.
Paint Waves, Beaches, Clouds, Figures
4 landscape painting challenges
Step by step video instructions
100's of high quality photo resources
15 comprehensive painting critiques
Over 500 student paintings to compare with
Running Time: 92min
View Online or DVD

View Online $35
OR DVD $45
Requires broadband   1-3 week delivery

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DVD plays in all regions.
Worldwide delivery in 1-3 weeks.
Full Moneyback Guarantee.
If you enjoyed the book or any of the other items above
please do leave a comment below. Thanks!

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